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ELF was established in 1997 by a Bangkok businessman named Michael Naruenartwanich in an effort to protect girls in Phayao Province from being sold into the sex trade. Michael found  many girls being sold by their parents for contractual labor and would most  likely end up in Bangkok brothels.Michael founded Education for Life in 1997 because he knew that education was a key to prevention and a way to better employment.He began giving scholarships to these girls. That program continued for the next decade,empowering and building healthy futures for more than 1,000 girls and boys in Phayao by supporting them pay for expenses necessary to attend school.

ELF empower girls in grades 7-12 with  scholarships to allow them to attend school with the materials and meals support necessary to foster their education. Our scholarships encourage these girls to stay in school and help protect them from sex trafficking by providing accountability for teachers and parents.


1. Provide funds for education and educational-related equipment to children who lack educational funds. Or are at risk of being sold for sex services

2. Proceed for public benefit And collaborating with other charities for the public benefit

3. Not proceeding with politics in any way


ELF has offices in Phayao and Bangkok since the establishment to date, with more than 1,000 students participating in the program receiving basic education opportunities. (Grade 1-3) and this faculty has 63 schools in the ELF project from 9 districts in Phayao Province. There are 600 ELF sponsored children and we will try to help more students. Depending on donations from all Thai people.

Education for Life Foundation

88/9 Ngamwongwan Rd. Ladyao, Jatujak, Bangkok 10900 Thailand

Tel: +662 941 1140-2
Fax: +662 941 3019
Email: info@elf-thai.com

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